Streamline Your Email Production

You can optimize your email production with Chimpbuilder and benefit from personalized designs without being limited by your email service provider.

Custom-designed HTML email templates by experts

Remain faithful to your brand and let us be the email design agency you seek. Our team of experts will create custom HTML email templates for your marketing campaign, giving you the freedom to achieve your desired design without being restricted by your email platform and staying true to your brand guidelines.

Create emails 4x faster

Our drag-and-drop visual editor makes it easy to create new emails quickly once we've set up your design.
Use reusable email blocks to speed up the process for your team.

Effortlessly upload images

Chimpbuilder automatically resizes and crops images to fit your design and can even create rounded images.
There is no need to prepare and optimize images manually!

Chimpbuilder works alongside your current email-sending platform

When you're ready to send your email, you can easily export it to Mailchimp or your favorite email service provider with just one click. If your platform can import HTML from a hosted URL, that's no problem.

Test and validate your emails

You can check how your email looks on mobile and desktop in real time and send a test email to yourself or a colleague.
We also have built-in tools to validate links and images, and you can save a preview as PNG.